Industry Code Description NAICS Code(S) Industry Code Description NAICS Code(S)
Manufacturing – Continued

Transportation and Warehousing – Continued
3345 Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, and Control Instruments Manufacturing, Radio/Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing, Communications Signal Testing and Evaluation Equipment 3345 4861 Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil, Refined Petroleum and Miscellaneous Products, except Natural Gas 4861, 4869 3346 Manufacturing and Reproducing Magnetic and Optical Media 3346 4862 Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas 4862 3350 Electrical Equipment, Appliance and Component Manufacturing 335 4870 Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation 487 3361 Motor Vehicle, Body, Trailer and Parts Manufacturing 3361, 3362, 3363 4880 Support Activities for Transportation 488 3364 Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing 3364 4920 Couriers and Messengers 492 3369 Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing (Including inflatable boats) 3365, 3366, 3369 4930 Warehousing and Storage 493 3370 Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing (Including Laboratory Furniture) 337
3391 Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing 3391 5111
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Here’s a list of common—and not so common—management skills.


They’re the top 10 skills managers need—plus 5 hidden skills executives fight for.


This should terrify you:


Most C-Level executives don’t believe managerial skills on resumes.


A monkey can say, “I’m skilled in leadership, communication, and collaboration.”


Many monkeys do.


You need to know:


  1. What are the top management skills you must have?
  2. How can you convince employers you’ve got the skills they hunger for?


You’re in luck, because I talked to executives who hire managers.


I asked, “What skills can you not live without?”


They answered. (Boy, did they answer.)


One gave a description of three simple manager skills.


He said, “If I met a person like that in an interview, I would not let her go.”


This guide will show you:


  1. The 10 most common management skills.
  2. Five lesser-known but potent managerial skills execs can’t resist.
  3. How to know
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Marketing careers involve more than just advertising. Find out if marketing is a good career for you by exploring the types of careers you can pursue and salaries you can expect.

What Is Marketing?

Think about the last time you drove your car, checked your email, rode public transportation, or took a walk. When you looked around, you probably saw a display for a product of some kind–a window display, a print advertisement, or an offer for a research survey. That’s marketing in action: the act of promoting a product or service for consumption by the public.

Marketing isn’t limited to the outside world, and by the time you finish reading an article on a website, you’ve probably seen several instances of marketing, whether it’s a dedicated ad or your recent browsing history reminding you of that cool new toy you left in your cart. Marketing can happen just about

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