Industry, HBO’s new prestige Monday-night drama, is a show you can finally watch with all your finance friends, as you attempt to understand what the heck they actually do all day, and, in the process, gain absolutely zero insight into what they heck they actually do all day. (Just admit you’re working on PowerPoints, Jeremy. Saying “Decks” doesn’t change what they are.)

The series follows a group of entry-level London finance traders who spend the daylight trading vague financial securities and the nighttime trading fluids. It’s essentially Suits meets Euphoria—in that there’s a lot of ladder climbing, entry-level hazing, drugs… and nudity.

There’s also a lot finance. Like, so much finance. So much that for anyone not involved in actual trading, a lot of dialogue will sound like gibberish. While this vernacular diarrhea might seem unpalatable, it actually bolsters the series’ immersion; there’s “respecting the audience” and then

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Industry is a new series on HBO and the BBC and it is set in the heart of the business capital of London. The series follows graduates who work at an investment company called Pierpoint & Co. has everything you need to know about who is in the cast of Industry.

Who is in the cast of Industry?

Harper Stern – Myha’la Herrold

Harper Stern is the main character in the series and she is a recent graduate who has made the decision of a lifetime to move from New York to London.

She finds it hard to find her place within the group at first, but she is a highly intelligent character who is determined to prove she made the right decision.

Newcomer Myha’la Herrold has previously starred in Modern Love, and she had a role in a short film called The Tattooed Heart.

She explained how it

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