The Columbus, Ohio-based company filed for Chapter 11 late Sunday, saying Covid-19 “created significant challenges” and that the move is “necessary.” Washington Prime secured $100 million in new funding to support its day-to-day operations so it can “continue in the ordinary course without interruption.”

“The company’s financial restructuring will enable Washington Prime to right size its balance sheet and position the company for success going forward,” said CEO Lou Conforti. “During the financial restructuring, we will continue to work toward maximizing the value of our assets and our operating infrastructure.”

Shares of Washington Prime (WPG) plunged as much as 55% in early trading. The stock is down 60% for the year.

Temporary closures and relaxation of rent to some of its tenants were the causes of the bankruptcy. Washington Prime, which warned this move was coming in recent regulatory filings, said it’s using Chapter 11 to “implement a

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Anand Sahay, CEO, Xebia
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Appcino is a low-code consulting and technology firm with almost a decade of experience in delivering business applications on low-code platforms enabling effective and accelerated digital transformation. Appcino is an Appian Trusted & Elite solutions partner and Salesforce Silver Consulting partner.

Appcino has delivered more than 600 enterprise apps across 100+ customers worldwide and has created multiple solution accelerators on these platforms to fast-track the overall transformation journey.

Appcino delivers business applications and automation initiatives using its substantial intellectual capital built with deep domain, technical wisdom, strong human capital, and industry leading low-code platforms.

Xebia Group is a fast-growing digital leader known for helping companies worldwide digitally transform themselves by offering high-quality cloud, data, AI, Agile, DevOps, and software consultancy. Xebia Group has successfully launched several brands and continues to expand in line with its ‘buy and build’ strategy: partnering with thought leaders

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EUCLID, Ohio, May 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The US Lighting Group, Inc. (OTC:USLG) announced today that the company intends to form a new division, RVtronix, to design, manufacture, and distribute RV Electronics  and fiberglass products to the RV Industry. The formation of the new division, RVtronix, comes on the heels of the sale of Intellitronix, a manufacturer of automotive aftermarket gauges.

“The US Lighting Group is excited to announce another phase of its 2021 Strategic Business Plan to utilize our electronics know how and expertise to expand our growth potential into the much larger RV market. By forming RVtronix, we intend to file for US and International patents and release a line of RV AC/DC power center with an integrated energy management load shedder system for recreational vehicles. It’s the ultimate system for preserving power and balancing appliance usage with resource management. We have many other electronic products that

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  • Sommet Education, based in Switzerland, has concluded a deal with South Africa’s Invictus Education.
  • Both see it as an opportunity for expansion in SA as well as the rest of Africa to fill the skills gap in the hospitality sector.
  • Both groups regard hospitality training as a life-long journey to compete in what they say has essentially become an “experience industry”.

Leading Swiss-based hospitality training group Sommet Education announced on Wednesday that it has acquired a majority stake in South Africa’s private hospitality training group Invictus Education.

The alliance fits into Sommet’s expansion strategy, effectively doubling its global footprint to 17 campuses from nine (in Switzerland, France, Spain, the UK and China) and increasing its capacity to 9 000 students from 6 000. The two groups plan to share knowledge and experience and leverage synergies that will enable further academic curriculum development.

Sommet Education’s network consists of two hospitality business

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Figure 1: Management group hierarchy.

Management group structures within an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant support organizational mapping and must be considered thoroughly when an organization plans Azure adoption at scale.

Subscriptions are a unit of management, billing, and scale within Azure. They play a critical role when you’re designing for large-scale Azure adoption. This section helps you capture subscription requirements and design target subscriptions based on critical factors. These factors are environment type, ownership and governance model, organizational structure, and application portfolios.

Each Azure region contains a finite number of resources. When you consider an enterprise-scale Azure adoption that involves large resource quantities, ensure that sufficient capacity and SKUs are available and the attained capacity can be understood and monitored.

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When the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and Google testify later this week at a House hearing, a number of familiar policy reforms will be on the table. Antitrust. Section 230. Privacy legislation.

A new campaign wants to add another bold idea into the mix: “Ban Surveillance Advertising.” In an open letter posted today, the coalition defines surveillance advertising as “the practice of extensively tracking and profiling individuals and groups, and then microtargeting ads at them based on their behavioral history, relationships, and identity.” That business model is at the heart of how Facebook and Google make money. And, the letter argues, it’s harming society. It spurs an arms race for user attention, which in turn incentivizes algorithms that favor polarizing and extreme content and groups. It helps Google and Facebook dominate the market for digital advertising at the expense of the news media. In short, the letter concludes, the surveillance

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