Overcoming Livestream Fatigue, With Marketing Experts

In the very beginning, members of a Palo Alto band became stars of the world’s first livestream video. The date was June 24, 1993. At the time, it was a novelty.  But like so many innovations before it, livestream video eventually became a familiar convenience. Until early 2020, when it […]

In the very beginning, members of a Palo Alto band became stars of the world’s first livestream video. The date was June 24, 1993. At the time, it was a novelty. 

But like so many innovations before it, livestream video eventually became a familiar convenience. Until early 2020, when it became a crucial vehicle for connecting businesses with their audiences. With people stuck inside, live-streaming events popped up everywhere at an accelerated pace. Professionals settled into their WFH setups to attend, and continue to do so. In fact, 6.3 million LinkedIn members have attended virtual events on LinkedIn alone since the launch of LinkedIn Events in early 2020. 

Unlike produced video content, livestream videos offer brands the ability to create authentic, real-time, shared moments that viewers not only respond better to, but engage more with: LinkedIn Live videos average 7x more reactions, and 24x more comments than native video produced by the same broadcasters. 

To further highlight its growing popularity and impact:

  • LinkedIn Live streams have increased 89% since March
  • 73% of B2B marketers find video positively impacts their ROI 
  • 62% of companies plan to adopt live broadcasting in the future
  • 87% of viewers would prefer to watch online vs. on television if it meant more behind-the-scenes content

Yet, while livestream content reigns today as one of the hottest forms of digital marketing, the effects of daily video team check-ins, sales pitches, and constant screen time raises a question for B2B marketers: How do you make what has become an everyday business tool still feel fresh as a must-attend event? If the professionals we aim to connect with are starting to feel the effects of livestream fatigue, how do we overcome that? 

For those answers and more, we’re going Live with Marketers @ Home on Friday, October 1 at 2:00 PM EST/11:00 AM PT to discuss how webcast consumption has changed over the past year, and how B2B marketers can continue to provide authentic, entertaining experiences that keep people tuning in — with measurable results. 

Check out a few quick topical overviews below, and register here to attend. 

Live with Marketers @ Home: Overcoming Livestream Fatigue

For this episode of our award-winning talk show for and by marketers, we’re hosting an expert panel with Goldie Chan, Head of Community at Lightricks, and Stephen A. Hart, Director of New Media Content at SANS Institute. 

Tune in to learn more about:

  • Combating broadcast fatigue + best in class content examples. Chances are, you already have killer content in the hopper. The key now is creating interactivity around it to help drive the kind of engagement that keeps viewers coming back to livestreams for more. We’ll discuss proven fatigue-busters that are working best for other organizations, like showcasing innovation and creativity with a product launch. Promote an event, perhaps with a look behind the scenes. Have a big announcement like a merger or major ceremony? Celebrate the moment live. Whatever you share can not only demonstrate expertise and leadership — it can also serve as a powerful recruiting tool for top talent as well. 
  • Streaming best practices. Finding the livestream sweet spot goes beyond just the moments when the camera is on. We’ll share ways to maximize the value of your stream with better preparation tips for before, during, and after the show. We’ll also cover topics like how series-based content can help you spend less time on marketing by teaching audiences when to tune in, the negative impacts of using pre-recorded videos and going live more than once a day, and why 15 minutes is the magic minimum number of minutes for a livestream.  
  • Measuring ROI on broadcasts. Analytics are vital to any video marketing strategy because they provide the means to improve. And while, “How many views did we get?” may be a fair first question, more meaningful engagement highlight measures can help prove the real value of your live video. What was the goal: Brand awareness? Real-time engagement? Total engagement? We’ll discuss how to best identify your KPIs, and how to apply the robust analytics available through LinkedIn Live — including Audience Firmographics that no other platform offers to gain insights on top Pages, job titles, and locations of firms tuning in.
  • Insights into the future of broadcasting. As we gaze ahead, we see a world of people more on the go, and a willingness to take their live stream videos with them — so plan accordingly. The proliferation of 5G networks continues to knock down latency issues which means planning for mobile-first is a must. Creating more interactive participation will go a long way to assuaging the ho-hum-drum of one-sided live-streaming efforts. And as we know at LinkedIn Live, communities are more active when they gather in real time; providing more opportunities for attendees to network could help galvanize the experience to make it even more meaningful. 

As we explore insights from our panel and discuss these and other focuses, we hope you’ll be ready to jump into the conversation with questions of your own. They will be welcomed throughout the event.

Savvy B2B marketers continue to rely on the opportunities live video streaming offers to shape brand perception, build community, and generate real-time conversations. With some forward thinking, a little extra planning, and a healthy dose of creativity, live video — as part of a strategic content plan — can continue to be an engaging driver of growth that never gets stale.

Register now and don’t miss the live show!

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