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Table of Contents1 What Is Marketing?2 Careers in Marketing2.1 Social Media Marketing2.2 Email Marketing2.3 Content Marketing2.4 SEO Marketing2.5 Digital Marketing2.6 Guerilla Marketing2.7 Direct Marketing2.8 B2B Marketing3 Types of Marketing Jobs & Salary3.1 Marketing Assistant Job & Salary3.2 Marketing Specialist Job & Salary3.3 Marketing Coordinator Job & Salary3.4 Marketing Consultant Job […]

Marketing careers involve more than just advertising. Find out if marketing is a good career for you by exploring the types of careers you can pursue and salaries you can expect.

What Is Marketing?

Think about the last time you drove your car, checked your email, rode public transportation, or took a walk. When you looked around, you probably saw a display for a product of some kind–a window display, a print advertisement, or an offer for a research survey. That’s marketing in action: the act of promoting a product or service for consumption by the public.

Marketing isn’t limited to the outside world, and by the time you finish reading an article on a website, you’ve probably seen several instances of marketing, whether it’s a dedicated ad or your recent browsing history reminding you of that cool new toy you left in your cart. Marketing can happen just about any place that makes for a great product placement, including some spots you may have never guessed!

Careers in Marketing

If you’re interested in a career in marketing, the next question is: What kind of marketing specialist would you like to be? Are you more interested in digital marketing strategies? Direct pitches? Paper? Door-to-door? (Yes, that’s still something people do.) Whatever your specialty area might be, you can likely turn it into a job.

Social Media Marketing

If you already spend a huge portion of your day checking five different social media accounts, why not #putinthework and make a career out of it? Social media marketing utilizes trends and active promotions to target audiences while they browse their feeds. With a built-in potential viewer base of billions of people, the power of social media marketing is incredible, and on any given day, your company’s product could go viral with the right promotion.

Email Marketing

Sometimes, a simple email is all it takes to sell a new customer on a product. A career as an email marketing manager can involve signing potential clients up to a list, and with a catchy subject line, you’ll grab their attention and hook them to read the entire pitch in an email. The message should include some graphics that either sell the product or link to a bigger website containing more about what you’re selling.

Content Marketing

Creating extensive resources tied to your products or business to create a loyal user base: that’s the idea behind content marketing. An extended timeline in media or anthologies spread across multiple platforms can grab a target audience and keep them invested for extended periods of time. Content marketing strategies hone in on key customer needs so you can attract users and grow your business. An example career in this field is a content marketing manager.

SEO Marketing

Search engines, like Google, are powerful marketing tools. By using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, marketers carefully target their site content to optimize certain aspects of their pages. Ideally, using proper and strategic SEO marketing techniques will allow your product to be one of the first results that pop up once your potential customer hits ‘search.’ SEO account manager is just one job within this marketing field.

Digital Marketing

There are many careers available in digital marketing. With the amount of time people spend in front of screens, whether at a computer or on a mobile device, you’ll want to take advantage of the potential of digital marketing. Social media posts and pay-per-click (PPC) are just two of the ways ads can be delivered, along with ads during mobile web browsing or video clips during playback. You will also come across SEO and content marketing in digital marketing strategies as well. Digital marketing analysts and digital marketing managers are common positions found within this area of marketing.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is an unconventional marketing strategy that allows you to let your imagination run wild with concepts for marketing ideas. You might create a mock interview with someone who claims to have used a product, or even make a short film that has nothing to do with the product at all, providing a link to your product at the end. The goal behind guerilla marketing is to surprise the consumer and create a lasting impression that yields high results.

Direct Marketing

If you’re interested in cutting out any interruptions between you and your customers, direct marketing is the way to go. This will involve you pitching your product or through a direct line of communication, possibly through text messaging, emails, or snail mail. While it might require more effort on your part, it also means you don’t have to inherit the added cost of hiring others.

B2B Marketing

Business-to-business, better known as B2B marketing, is fairly straightforward: one business creates, markets, and sells a product that will benefit other businesses. This could be anything from office products to human resource management tactics. A career as a marketing product manager will give you exposure to B2B marketing techniques.

Types of Marketing Jobs & Salary

When you’ve found your area of marketing to pursue a career, you can also determine which role you’d like to play for a marketing department. Let’s look at a few of the most popular marketing career options available.

Marketing Assistant Job & Salary

Marketing assistants provide support wherever necessary for the marketing department. This could include administrative tasks, scheduling appointments, and relaying information to executive and management-level employees. Marketing assistants may also aid marketing managers in brainstorming and executing marketing strategies.

Marketing assistants brought home median annual salaries of $36,503.

Marketing Specialist Job & Salary

Marketing specialists, such as digital marketing specialists, investigate trends and habits of consumers to determine how to generate higher revenue. They also plan and implement marketing strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Content development and event planning can be included in this role as well.

Marketing specialists took in median annual salaries of $49,493.

Marketing Coordinator Job & Salary

Marketing coordinators balance a number of different duties in the workplace from supporting a marketing teams strategy to researching market trends. They can also maintain databases, track sales data, and implement new campaigns for advertising and promotional material.

Median annual salaries for marketing coordinators measured at $41,954.

Marketing Consultant Job & Salary

Marketing consultants, or advertising consultants, are sought after marketing experts who are hired for their knowledge of tactics for marketing campaigns. They are brought into a company to help to elevate company performance, as well as adjust any strategies along the way.

Marketing consultants saw median annual salaries of $57,932.

Marketing Manager Job & Salary

Marketing managers develop plans and campaigns for an entire organization or company. They strive to build brand awareness and ensure that their department runs smoothly while working to maximize profit potential. Marketing manager also supervise marketing staff.

Managers in marketing made median annual salaries of $63,124.

Marketing Director Job & Salary

Marketing directors oversee entire departments, giving final say over the approval of campaigns and strategies. They are also involved in the planning, executing, and directing marketing efforts within the department. Marketing directors also provide feedback and criticism to other employees in the marketing department.

Marketing directors earned median annual salaries of $83,164.

Marketing Certifications

Depending on your industry, certifications in marketing are available to help you stand out as an expert in your field. You can become certified as a marketing expert in individual search engines, social media platforms, or a specific type of advertising medium, like trade shows and emails. Be sure to look for certifications that will help enhance your career since these can lead to more job opportunities or a higher salary.

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