How to Schedule Posts on Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

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You’ve put in all the work to create a complete, high-quality LinkedIn Page. You’ve taken the steps to research and analyze your audience, conceiving a pipeline of content you’ll share to keep followers aware and engaged. In fact, you’ve even composed several updates and planned out when you’re going to push each one live.

But that last simple step — actually getting the posts published onto your Page — often becomes a sticking point. Over the course of the week, other things come up. Teammates get pulled away in other directions. Notifications slip. Wires get crossed.

This leaves many marketers asking the same question:

Can You Schedule Posts on a LinkedIn Page?

It would be nice to get a batch of updates all squared away at once so you don’t have to think about them again, right? Well, we have good news: The answer is YES, you can indeed schedule posts on your company’s LinkedIn Page, with help from any number of third-party tools that integrate with LinkedIn Pages smoothly through our community of third party developers.

We’ll dive into the “how” shortly, but first, here are a few reasons why you might consider setting up a scheduling system for LinkedIn content.

Benefits of Scheduling Posts on Your LinkedIn Page

Maintain a consistent cadence. Scheduling a number of posts ahead of time makes it easier to ensure you have comprehensive coverage of the week(s) ahead. You can see gaps that might emerge and avoid long content droughts, which is important because Pages that publish regularly can double their engagement.

Minimize lapses and cross-ups. We mentioned it earlier: for a busy team, it’s all too common for a task like publishing on LinkedIn to get lost in your day-to-day shuffle. Assignments get mixed up, or the person responsible gets caught up with another task, or the office internet goes down. As a result, a timely post doesn’t go live. Getting your updates locked in through a scheduling tool eliminates this risk.

Maximize your team’s productivity. Even if you’re not missing posts, the person (or people) responsible for pushing them live still has to spend time making it happen. When you efficiently schedule a batch in one fell swoop, those individuals can free up their focus for other things, like analyzing results and optimizing future content. Additionally, this makes posting much more streamlined for people who manage accounts across multiple social networks.

Now, here’s a rundown of seven recommended tools to help you schedule posts on LinkedIn.

How to Use Hootsuite with LinkedIn Pages

Hootsuite is a social media marketing and management platform that brings all of your channels into one central dashboard with a multi-column layout, offering monitoring and engagement functionality.

Once you get your LinkedIn Page synced up with your Hootsuite account, you can use the app to schedule text, image or video posts – individually or in bulk. Plus you can use Hootsuite to target by professional parameters and measure results.

How to Use Sprinklr with LinkedIn Pages

A cloud-based customer experience platform focusing on social media management for enterprise customers, Sprinklr is highly integratable and plays very nicely with LinkedIn. Use this tool for scheduling, listening, and reporting on LinkedIn, with granular user permissions to keep your team organized.

How to Use HubSpot with LinkedIn Pages

Social media marketing and ads management tools are all a part of HubSpot’s comprehensive inbound marketing software. Not only can you schedule LinkedIn posts from the CRM platform, but you can take advantage of its deep features and insights to learn more about your audiences and enhance your targeting.

How to Use Buffer with LinkedIn Pages

Offering an intuitive and streamlined interface for social media management, Buffer focuses on simplicity and ease-of-use. As such, you’ll find it very quick and easy to schedule content for your LinkedIn Page or Showcase Pages.

How to Use Salesforce with LinkedIn Pages

The brand might be best known for sales enablement products, but Salesforce can also be handy for the marketing side thanks to Salesforce Social Studio, which offers social listening, publishing, engagement, and advertising support. You can take advantage of this robust tool to schedule posts and review social stats.

How to Use Khoros with LinkedIn Pages

Like Sprinklr, Khoros is another great option, designed as a scalable social marketing and management solution for enterprise companies. Collaborate, plan, publish, and schedule for LinkedIn within this deep platform, which offers workflow structure and unique visual analytics.

How to Use Sprout Social with LinkedIn Pages

Sprout Social is a popular social media management and optimization platform with a slick user experience. Schedule posts to LinkedIn, edit image sizes within the app, and set up review and approvals for other team members.

What Else Can Third-Party Tools Help With?

In addition to publishing and scheduling posts on LinkedIn, the third-party community management tools that integrate with our APIs offer a wide range of functionality, including:

  • Engaging followers and responding to comments
  • Tracking brand mentions and important conversations
  • Analyzing metrics and results

Not every capability is available in every platform, so if you’re looking to centralize and enhance your social media marketing efforts, we recommend testing out a few different ones. Most of the products mentioned above offer a free plan, or at least a free trial.

For busy teams, these helpful tools can keep social strategies right on schedule.

At LinkedIn, we’re proud to work with a wide variety of tools to help you maximize your success, with the software you like best. To learn more, we invite you to explore our community management partners.  

Whether you are preparing to create your first Page or simply seeking ways to optimize and improve, we’ve got a LinkedIn Pages Playbook for your. Check out the LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses or the LinkedIn Pages Enterprise Playbook for more! 

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