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MBN – Daily Bulletin

COVID Deaths in 1 Day – March 15th, 2021
US: 751 https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/
UK: 64 https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/
Canada: 32 https://health-infobase.canada.ca/
Ireland: 0 https://www.gov.ie/
India: 131 https://www.mohfw.gov.in/

  • Tech/Jobs: Nokia to reduce workforce by 10,000 globally.
  • Economy: Wall Street’s main concern shifts from COVID to inflation.
  • Pharma: EU regulators team up with U.S. and UK on pharmaceutical mergers.
  • Corporate Bonds: Ford announces $2 billion convertible notes offering.
  • Wind Energy: Bladeless turbines could soon be generating electricity for your home.
  • Health 1: Is fighting a pandemic similar to fighting a war?
  • Environment: Can the US reach net zero emissions by 2050?
  • Automotive/EV 1: GM striving for electric vehicles with longer range.
  • UFO Aliens 1: Schoolchildren’s eerie drawings after 1977 alien encounter.
  • UFO/Aliens 2: Pentagon finally admits it is holding and testing UFO wreckage material.
  • Insurance: Hot tub accidents during lockdown have tripled, say insurers.
  • Health 2: Food ideas to help you sleep well.
  • WFH: How life-changing is remote working?
  • Automotive/EV 2: VW planning on 6 cell battery gigafactories in Europe.
  • Aviation 2: Allow unfettered travel for vaccinated people, British Airways boss urges.
  • Health 3: The US should reach herd immunity during the summer.
  • Online Shopping: If you’re not going to wear it 30 times, don’t buy it, says new guide.
  • Meanings: What is Customer Experience?
  • Automotive/EV 3: Northvolt, Swedish battery maker, gets $14 billion order from VW.
  • Crypto: India may ban trading, mining, and holding cryuptocurrencies.

Other News

5 Reasons to Use Transcription for Your Business

4 Ways Translation Can Boost Your Online Business

The Most Effective Ways to Get More Instagram Followers 2021

Tig Welding – A Comprehensive Guide

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Impact VPN Technology & Industry

Online Gambling in Scandinavia: Market Trends in 2021

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