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Table of Contents1 Lot 1 Business Services 2 Lot 2a Audit Consultancy 3 Lot 2b Internal Audit Services 4 Lot 2c External Audit Services 5 Lot 2d General Finance 6 Lot 2e Procurement 7 Lot 2f Revenue and Benefits 8 Lot 2g Tax 9 Lot 2h Treasury Management 10 Lot […]

With a wide range of areas covered, the framework allows for a wide range of needs; from consultations on waste and recycling, to finance, to auditing consultancy services. The flexibility of this framework allows it to be convenient, with the possibility of selecting more than one consultancy service from numerous service providers but all accessed in one place – saving you time, money and your mind.

The scope of the framework covers consultancy in the areas of:

Asset Management and Delivery
Auditing Consultancy
Audit Services
Business Services
Community Research and Engagement
Environmental and Sustainability
Facilities Management
Food and Catering
General Finance
Health and Safety
Highways, Transport and Logistics
Housing and Housing Support
Leisure, Culture and Tourism
Marketing, Communications and PR
Operational IT
Planning, Valuation and Infrastructure
Public Health
Regeneration and Regional Development
Revenues and Benefits
Social Care (Adults)
Social Care (Children)
Strategic IT
Strategic Projects
Treasury Management
Waste and Recycling

Lot 1 Business Services

Lot 2a Audit Consultancy

Lot 2b Internal Audit Services

Lot 2c External Audit Services

Lot 2d General Finance

Lot 2e Procurement

Lot 2f Revenue and Benefits

Lot 2g Tax

Lot 2h Treasury Management

Lot 3 Food and Catering

Lot 4a Public Health

Lot 4b Social Care (Adults)

Lot 4c Social Care (Children)

Lot 5 Highways, Traffic and Transport

Lot 6a Operational IT

Lot 6b Strategic IT

Lot 7 Leisure, Culture and Tourism

Lot 8a Asset Management and Delivery

Lot 8b Environmental and Sustainability

Lot 8c Facilities Management

Lot 8d Health and Safety

Lot 8e Housing and Housing Support

Lot 8f Planning, Valuation and Infrastructure

Lot 8g Regeneration and Regional Development

Lot 8h Waste and Recycling

Lot 9a Community Research and Engagement

Lot 9b Marketing, Communications and PR

Lot 10 Strategic Projects

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