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Table of Contents1 As More Are Vaccinated, It Makes Economic Sense to Gradually Open the Economy, Study Finds2 Not Just for Numbers: Anchoring Biases Decisions Involving Sight, Sound, and Touch3 Modeling a Safe New Normal4 New Research Highlights Impact of the Digital Divide5 Study Highlights Pitfalls Associated With ‘Cybervetting’ Job […]

As More Are Vaccinated, It Makes Economic Sense to Gradually Open the Economy, Study Finds

Researchers conducted a data analysis that has found that as a larger portion of the population gets vaccinated against COVID-19, it becomes economically advantageous to start relaxing social …

Not Just for Numbers: Anchoring Biases Decisions Involving Sight, Sound, and Touch

New research shows that the marketing communication technique of anchoring is not limited to decisions that involve numbers, the use and understanding of which require high-level cognitive thinking. …

Modeling a Safe New Normal

Researchers used anonymized cell-phone data to build a Business Risk Index, which quantifies the potential risk of COVID-19 transmission in restaurants and bars, schools and universities, nail salons …

New Research Highlights Impact of the Digital Divide

The coronavirus pandemic has drawn new attention to the digital divide, as the need for online schooling and working from home has disproportionately hurt those without computer equipment and skills. …

Study Highlights Pitfalls Associated With ‘Cybervetting’ Job Candidates

A recent study of how human resources professionals review online information and social media profiles of job candidates highlights the ways in which so-called ‘cybervetting’ can introduce …

Even Just a Bit of Advertising Changes the Game in Word-of-Mouth Marketing

A professor of sociology uses computer simulations of networks to reveal how the presence of even just a bit of advertising or other mass communication — ‘top-down’ information that comes …

Will We Enjoy Work More Once Routine Tasks Are Automated? Not Necessarily, a Study Shows

Research suggests that when routine work tasks are being replaced with intelligent technologies, the result may be that employees no longer experience their work as …

Study Finds No Gender Discrimination When Leaders Use Confident Language

People tend to listen to big talkers, whether they are women or men. Still, more women prefer not to use assertive language, according to a new study. Participants in an experiment more often …

The Market Advantage of a Feminine Brand Name

Linguistically feminine brand names are perceived by consumers as warmer and are therefore better liked and more frequently …

Star Employees Get Most of the Credit And Blame

Working with a ‘star’ employee – someone who demonstrates exceptional performance and enjoys broad visibility relative to industry peers – offers both risks and rewards, according to new …

Potential for Misuse of Climate Data a Threat to Business and Financial Markets

Climate information is at risk of being misconstrued and used inappropriately in financial reports and has the potential to expose businesses to significant risk, according to a new …

Coal and COVID-19: How the Pandemic Is Accelerating the End of Fossil Power Generation

COVID-19 has not only caused a temporary drop in global carbon dioxide emissions, it has also reduced the share of power generated by burning coal — a trend that could in fact outlast the pandemic, …

Pandemic Caused ‘Staggering’ Economic, Human Impact in Developing Counties, Research Says

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year led to a devastating loss of jobs and income across the global south, threatening hundreds of millions of people with hunger and lost savings and raising …

Shopping Online? Here’s What You Should Know About User Reviews

If you’re about to buy something online and its only customer review is negative, you’d probably reconsider the purchase, right? It turns out a product’s first review can have an …

Detecting Fake News Designed to Manipulate Stock Markets

Social media is increasingly used to spread fake news. The same problem can be found on the capital market – criminals spread fake news about companies in order to manipulate share prices. …

Study Reveals Precarious Employment on the Rise Long Before COVID-19

Researchers have used a new approach to measure precarious, or low-quality, employment in the United States. And, according to those findings, precarious employment has increased 9 percent between …

Cannabis Use Both Helps and Hurts Entrepreneurial Creativity

When entrepreneurs dream up ideas for new businesses, cannabis use might help, and hinder, their creativity, according to a new …

Managing Large-Scale Construction Projects to Avoid Cost Overruns

Supplier selection and pricing format decisions that reflect key characteristics of the project, such as the size of the project, duration, and type of customer, are best at reducing a significant …

Turn Off That Camera During Virtual Meetings, Environmental Study Says

A new study says that despite a record drop in global carbon emissions in 2020, a pandemic-driven shift to remote work and more at-home entertainment still presents significant environmental impact …

The Richer You Are, the More Likely You’ll Social Distance, Study Finds

The higher a person’s income, the more likely they were to protect themselves at the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, economists …

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