British Council Warm Welcome Scholarships 2022

Table of Contents1 Level of study2 Eligible Programmes3 What is covered4 Who can apply5 How to apply             The University of Southampton is proud to announce British Council’s new Warm Welcome Scholarships. The Department of Education in partnership with the British Council are rolling out […]

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The University of Southampton is proud to announce British Council’s new Warm Welcome Scholarships.

The Department of Education in partnership with the British Council are rolling out two new scholarship schemes this year for eligible individuals in the UK affected by the situation in Afghanistan.

The scholarships are aimed at all levels of students with links to Afghanistan to help fund their studies in the UK for up to 3 years.

The In-Year Scholarship is aimed at students who have already begun their studies in the UK.

The Full Degree Scholarship is for eligible scholars who will begin their studies in September/October 2022.

Level of study

UG, PGT and PhD programmes

Eligible Programmes

These scholarships are open to any degree, although for the full degree scholarship certain subjects will be prioritised. More information on these subjects can be found here.

What is covered

Both these scholarships cover:

  • A tuition fee waiver from Sept/October 2022
  • Quarterly stipend to cover accommodation and other living costs

Who can apply

1. Residency status eligibility

Eligible scholars are those eligible for a UK university place and who fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Afghanistan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) resettlement route
  2. Afghanistan Citizens Resettlement Scheme (ACRS) resettlement route
  3. Those with links to Afghanistan who are already registered at a UK university and are experiencing financial hardship due to the situation in Afghanistan
  4. Afghan British Nationals (ABNs), described for these purposes as those that were evacuated during Operation Pitting and who entered bridging accommodation or who presented as homeless to a council, but hold British citizenship or some other status that permits them to remain and reside in the UK without the need to be granted leave to remain.

2. Course eligibility requirements

In-Year Scholarships

To be eligible for a Warm Welcome In-Year Scholarship, you must be:

  • currently studying full-time at a UK higher education provider at either undergraduate, taught master’s, or PhD level.

Full Degree Scholarships

To be eligible for a Warm Welcome Full Degree Scholarship, you must be:

  • planning to apply, or have applied, to study full-time at either undergraduate, taught masters or PhD level at a UK higher education provider beginning September/October 2022.

For students completing their current programme this academic year and planning to continue their studies by applying for a higher level of study at a UK higher education provider beginning September/October 2022, you may be eligible to apply for the Warm Welcome Full Degree Scholarship route. In such cases, you must decide whether you would like to apply for either the In-Year or Full Degree Scholarship route as you cannot apply for both programmes.

How to apply

Please visit the British Council Warm Welcome Scholarships website for more details and follow the link to register for updates and express your interest here.

In-year scholarship

Applications for Warm Welcome In-Year Scholarship will be accepted between 9-20 May 2022. Applications must be made directly to the British Council via their online application form.

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible as they will be reviewed in the order received.

Full Degree Scholarships

Applications for the Full Degree Scholarship are expected to open on 27 June 2022 and close on 8 July 2022.

1. Check that you meet all scholarship and programme eligibility criteria before you begin.

2. Apply to your programme of choice at the University of Southampton using the online form. Please state in your application that you wish to apply for British Council Warm Welcome Scholarship. If you are asked to pay an application fee to the University of Southampton please save your application progress and contact [email protected] to request an application fee waiver so you can continue with your application.

Programme applications should be made by 17th June 2022.

3. Please contact [email protected] to make a request that the University of Southampton sponsors your application, please note that a final decision on this is unlikely to be possible until you have received an outcome to your programme admission application, so early application is advised.

4. Once you have received a programme offer and you have received confirmation that the University of Southampton is willing to sponsor your application please complete the British Council online application form for this scholarship. You are advised to complete and submit your application as soon as possible, as the online application system will be very busy in the days leading up to the application deadline and the British Council cannot make allowances for local or personal difficulties which might affect your ability to submit.


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