The city of Vancouver requires a license for all businesses located within city limits, or conducting business within city limits.

To confirm if your business location is within city limits, go to the city limits map or call the city at 360-487-8410 option 3, before applying for a city license.

If you will have more than one business located on a single property, you must complete a separate application for each business.

License fee is determined by the gross annual income and number of employees (FTEs) who work within the city limits of Vancouver.

Method for calculating FTEs

Add up all hours to be worked in city (in 12-month period) by all “employees” and divide total by 2,080 hours; then round resulting number to nearest whole number. The minimum number of FTEs is one. See examples below.

Employee definition: Pay rolled employees, self-employed persons, sole proprietors, owners, managers, and partners

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