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Color surrounds us every day of our lives. It can be stimulating or calming. In most massage sessions, the client’s eyes are closed, so it may seem that the colors used in a massage office are less important than in other settings. However, the colors used in your office convey an important message. Learn how to use color to set the tone and help clients get the most out of their massage.

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When you first walk into someone’s home or office, what is the first thing you notice? Is it the color scheme? Even if it is not a conscious awareness, the human brain reacts almost immediately to color. While color and vision in general is perceived in the primary visual cortex of the occipital lobe of the brain, it reacts emotionally to it through the limbic system.


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Properly trained massage therapists know to avoid the carotid artery with direct, vigorous and/or repetitive massage. Handheld electric massagers are sold everyday to the public, and many of those customers don’t read the accompanying directions. Make sure your clients know about the danger of these products in the neck region.

Handheld electric massagers are widely available and seldom used with caution. These massagers are a big business, and can be found almost anywhere — from a high-end retail chain, to a nook in a neighborhood pharmacy and occasionally in the back of a novelty shop. People predominantly seek these devices out for self relief of stressed, tensed and achy muscles. These products traditionally come with a user’s manual that gives basic safety guidelines typical for electrical devices. The manual may also recommend keeping the unit moving, cautioning against holding it in one location for an extended amount of time. Unfortunately,

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Massage therapy continuing education requirements for license renewal vary from state to state and the laws are constantly changing. It is our current understanding that for license renewal Florida requires massage therapists to complete 24 CE hours by August 31st of each odd-numbered year. NOTE: The HIV/AIDS CE requirement is no longer required for license renewal – just for initial licensure.

The 24 CE hours must include at least 2 CE hours in Professional Ethics, 2 CE hours in the prevention of Medical Errors, at least 2 CE hours in Florida Laws and Rules, and 1 CE hour on human trafficking. A minimum of 12 hours must be in CE considered LIVE training.

Massage therapy continuing education requirements for license renewal vary from state to state and the laws are constantly changing. It is our current understanding that Illinois requires massage therapists to complete 24 CE hours every 2 years for license renewal, of which 2 CE hours must be in ethics and 1 CE hour on the topic of sexual harassment prevention training must be completed. This sexual harassment prevention training can be part of the total 24 hours required.

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  • As of March 1, 2021, the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation amended the continuing education requirements allowing all 24 CE hours to be earned through home study/online courses . Therefore, you may complete your continuing education hours through our home study programs with the exception of the sexual harassment requirement. For more information please visit
  • You can use our
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Safety Risks for Clients...And Massage Therapists

The massage profession tends to attract people who are concerned with the well being of others.

And much of our training is focused on ensuring the client’s safety during treatment:

  • learning contraindications
  • how to stretch clients without harming them
  • which clients need specialized types of massage
  • and so on.

But the therapist’s safety must also be guarded. What, though, constitutes a risk to that safety? And how should such situations be handled?

Risks to Therapists’ Safety

Some situations might be unambiguously threatening—for example, if a client were wielding a weapon or physically restraining the therapist—but not all scenarios are so clear-cut. The prevailing advice regarding this issue seems to be trust your gut (1, 2, 3).

Several therapists recommend using a phone conversation to screen clients who call to book an appointment (3, 4, 5). Having a list of screening questions (see, e.g., 3) can help you identify in advance

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Massage therapy continuing education requirements for license renewal vary from state to state and the laws are constantly changing. It is our current understanding that Texas requires massage therapists to complete 12 CE hours every 2 years for license renewal.

If you would like to verify this information, or have further questions regarding your massage therapy continuing education requirements, we suggest contacting the Texas Board of Massage directly. The telephone number for the Texas Board is 512-463-6599 or visit their website at

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As massage therapists, one of the most difficult aspects of our profession is handling the business side of …well…of the business! As a group, massage therapists tend to be more interested in the healing aspects of our work and far less interested in handling the day to day duties that must be taken care of in order to thrive as a business. While this is as it should be, leaving the business details unattended can really cause significant problems.

Many therapists, especially newer therapists, struggle to develop a strong client base and have difficulty reaching new clients and getting them booked. There are many techniques for marketing and many advertising firms who would love to sell you marketing packages. While some of these things do work, many are simply too far reaching (and expensive) for a massage practice. Why pay for advertising in a town that is 40 miles away

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