Public health emergencies place immense power in the hands of executive leadership. This can pose a risk of creeping authoritarianism. Professor Narnia Bohler-Muller and Dr Benjamin Roberts explore the lessons that can be drawn from the findings of the University of Johannesburg and the Human Sciences Research Council’s online survey on the public’s views on lockdown regulations. 

In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic led President Cyril Ramaphosa to announce a state of national disaster in terms of the Disaster Management Act. Strict lockdown regulations instituted under this legislation had a clear bearing on human rights.

While the High Court declared some of the Level 4 and 3 regulations irrational and thus unconstitutional in mid-2020, our survey research demonstrates that ordinary people in South Africa voice unwavering support for the select limitation of their rights as a means of preventing the spread of the virus.

We believe that this partly reflects

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Anand Sahay, CEO, Xebia
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Appcino is a low-code consulting and technology firm with almost a decade of experience in delivering business applications on low-code platforms enabling effective and accelerated digital transformation. Appcino is an Appian Trusted & Elite solutions partner and Salesforce Silver Consulting partner.

Appcino has delivered more than 600 enterprise apps across 100+ customers worldwide and has created multiple solution accelerators on these platforms to fast-track the overall transformation journey.

Appcino delivers business applications and automation initiatives using its substantial intellectual capital built with deep domain, technical wisdom, strong human capital, and industry leading low-code platforms.

Xebia Group is a fast-growing digital leader known for helping companies worldwide digitally transform themselves by offering high-quality cloud, data, AI, Agile, DevOps, and software consultancy. Xebia Group has successfully launched several brands and continues to expand in line with its ‘buy and build’ strategy: partnering with thought leaders

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Oxfam in its fight against poverty and suffering works with suppliers and service providers considering them as Oxfam partners given the interdependent relationship between Oxfam and its suppliers/service providers.

Suppliers and service providers are individuals (suppliers, consultants, freelancers, etc.), firms or companies that provide Oxfam with goods, services or works partnering with Oxfam to save lives, help overcome poverty and sufferings, fight social injustice, and; to work towards having a just world without poverty. It is important for us that all people connected to our work is keeping with the organization’s beliefs, values, and aims.

Oxfam focuses its activities on providing a comprehensive humanitarian response to poverty, working cohesively in the four areas that constitute its identity: development cooperation, humanitarian action, fair trade, social mobilization, campaigns, and education for global citizenship. 

Oxfam, in order to achieve its objectives, is conducting tender processes within Nigeria and invites your submission of a

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Reno Surya (The Jakarta Post)


Surabaya   ●  
Sat, May 22 2021

The sound of the takbiran (eve of Idul Fitri celebrations) reverberated as the sun slowly leaned toward the west. Minutes before dusk, the usually-bustling Bungurasih terminal right outside Surabaya was still quiet. Occasionally, ticket brokers could be seen moving from one area to another, but almost all returned empty-handed. Bus drivers were just sitting around, some chatting and some in silence, while others had fallen asleep in the open luggage compartments of their vehicles.

It was one day before Idul Fitri, usually the peak of people traveling to the places they hail from for family reunions, but the government’s decree prohibiting the mudik (exodus) this year means most transportation providers are sitting on their hands. Drivers, brokers and travel agents are left with far less income while also not b…

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Starting from

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