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Mon, March 30, 2020


It is only three months into 2020, but businesses across different sectors in the country have been hit hard as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on economic activities nationwide. 

The highly infectious pneumonia-like disease has spared only a few businesses, mostly offering healthcare products and services, while many others, from airlines and hotels to retail and food and beverage industries, have taken a hard hit. 

The government officially announced the first two confirmed COVID-19 cases at the beginning of March. Several sectors felt the blow in the form of major disruptions in cash flow and business operations as the outbreak spread like wildfire, forcing some employees to work from home, while others became victims of unemployment. 

The Jakarta Post has followed recent developments closely and compiled the adverse impacts of COVID-19

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FOX News Digital closed out the most recent month of March 2021 surpassing in total multiplatform minutes and earning the number one spot in the news competitive set in the metric, totaling over 3.5 million total multiplatform minutes, according to Comscore. March also delivered nearly 91.5 million total multiplatform unique visitors and over 1.7 billion total multiplatform views for the digital network, surpassing the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and as well as in every category. The digital network saw month over month increases in traffic across all key performance indicators while lagged versus the prior month in all metrics. Additionally, the FOX News Mobile App totaled 7.4 million unique visitors for the month.*

In the first quarter of 2021, FOX News Digital finished with 5.3 billion multiplatform views, over 11 billion multiplatform minutes and averaged over 96 million

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South Africa has had three bans on alcohol sales over the past year.

South Africa’s liquor industry has raised concerns about the government’s rationale for the contentious third ban on the sale of alcohol.

South African Liquor Brandowners Association (Salba) chairperson Sibani Mngadi said the government’s move to ban alcohol sales at the time, going outside of the health experts’ recommendations, was “disturbing”. He explained that the Ministerial Advisory Council (MAC) had recommended restrictions on the sale of liquor for off-site consumption but not an outright ban.

“Despite the endorsement of this by the Department of Health, the government imposed a complete ban on all alcohol sales. This had a hugely detrimental impact on the industry,” Mngadi said in a statement on Wednesday.

Salba’s statement follows the government’s publication of the MAC notes that informed some of the National Coronavirous Commmand Council’s decisions, ahead of its third ban on

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hat is 888’s approach to cashless systems? Could you share some examples that reflect how the pandemic significantly grew the interest in this technology for the gaming industry?

As everything continues to go paperless and cashless, casinos are one of the last frontiers that take mostly cash payments. The land-based gambling industry will need to align itself with that trend. From my perspective, this is another symptom for the digitization of gaming. It would be another milestone to gain the ability to work in an Omni channel approach. 888 has a big e-payment practice that consists of dozens of people who are solely focused on the enhancement of the e-payments suite both locally and globally. This puts us in a great position to capitalize on this trend, not just from a payment perspective but from an overall digital platform aspect.

In June last year,

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1. Recognize employees for their unique efforts and accomplishments

Mentioned by a whopping 59% of respondents to our candidate survey, being recognized for accomplishments at work was the largest single contributor to an overall sense of belonging.

Not surprisingly, being recognized for their accomplishments was most important to millennials—coming in at 60%, compared to just 53% of baby boomers. Many a joke has been made about millennials and “participation trophies,” but plenty of studies show that millennials are actually uniquely conditioned to want continuous, regular feedback on their work.  

Recognition for accomplishments was also more important to women (62%) than it was for men (57%). Though the reason isn’t clear from the data, it could be because women often feel undervalued at work, especially compared to their male colleagues.

Interestingly, valuing recognition is also correlated with an employee’s company size. It was cited by 63% of employees at enterprise companies

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A new service provider has been appointed to supply kits for the DNA testing, SAPS confirmed. (Getty Images)

  • DNA testing is expected to resume after it came to a halt earlier this year.
  • A new service provider has been appointed to supply kits for tests, according to police.
  • The police have also launched a system to track and trace forensic evidence.

The system used to track and trace forensic evidence in police investigations is “fully up and running”, according to the police.

It was reported that police “lost” about eight million pieces of evidence after IT service provider Forensic Data Analysts (FDA) shut down their Property Control and Exhibit Management (PCEM) system in June 2020.

But police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo said on Monday that the exhibits were not lost. Instead, the exhibits had been stored and could only be accessed manually.

The dispute with FDA dates back

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