An interdisciplinary MIT faculty group decided to study the future of nuclear power because of a belief that this technology is an important option for the United States and the world to meet future energy needs without emitting carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants. Other options include increased efficiency, renewables, and carbon sequestration, and all may be needed for a successful greenhouse gas management strategy. This study, addressed to government, industry, and academic leaders, discusses the interrelated technical, economic, environmental, and political challenges facing a significant increase in global nuclear power utilization over the next half century and what might be done to overcome those challenges.

This study was supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and by MIT’s Office of the Provost and Laboratory for Energy and the Environment.

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Professors John Deutch and Ernest Moniz Chaired Effort to Identify

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  • Speculation has been rife that the Easter weekend could see a crackdown on alcohol sales.
  • No formal announcement has yet been made regarding updated lockdown restrictions. 
  • The liquor industry, however, has launched a preemptive strike, warning that a fresh ban on alcohol sales could be devastating.

South African alcohol industry lobby group the SA Liquor Brandowners
Association (SALBA) has launched a preemptive strike amid fears that liquor
sales could be restricted during upcoming public holidays, saying it would
“formally seek reasons” for such a decision.

It urged the Ministerial Advisory Council to distance itself from any
further restrictions to liquor sales, saying such a move would be a
“clearly unscientific decision”.

No formal announcement has been made regarding updated lockdown
restrictions, but speculation has been rife that the Easter weekend could see a
crackdown on alcohol sales. Sunday Times reported that government is
considering restricting or entirely barring the sale

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A nail consists of a metal rod or shank, pointed at one end and usually
having a formed head at the other, that can be hammered into pieces of
wood or other materials to fasten them together. A nail is usually made of
steel, although it can be made of aluminum, brass, or many other metals.
The surface can be coated or plated to improve its corrosion resistance,
gripping strength, or decorative appearance. The head, shank, and point
may have several shapes based on the intended function of the nail. Of the
nearly 300 types of nails made in the United States today, most are used
in residential housing construction. The average wood frame house uses
between 20,000 and 30,000 nails of various types and sizes.

Nails are divided into three broad categories based on their length. In
general nails under 1 inch (2.5 cm) in length are called

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The antidote to vanity metrics when you have less than 1 hour/week for marketing analytics

Patrick Han
The Class of 2017 is an example of a cohort. All these students share the same date of graduation.

Earlier this year, we at Humanlytics interviewed more than 100 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to learn about their biggest digital marketing pain points. What we found was that two recurring themes kept coming up over and over again:

  1. Scarce Time/Bandwidth for Analytics: Most small business owners and marketers have very limited time and bandwidth to analyze their data. They’re too busy running their businesses. As one business owner put it, “using data is like trying to rescue a piano from a burning room — it’s nice to have but I have higher priorities.” This is because it takes a lot of time and training to turn data into actionable business insights, i.e. to answer
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Asia’s Tycoons Pile Into SPACs Just as U.S. Eyes Tighter Rules

(Bloomberg) — Asia’s billionaires had only just started taking to blank-check companies, but now the SPAC boom is deflating on Wall Street.After a frenzy of listings by special purpose acquisition companies – 326 have raised over $101 billion this year — the whole pipeline is now in limbo due to regulatory overhang, including a number of deals by Asian investment firms and tycoons.Gateway Strategic Acquisition Co., backed by buyout firm Gaw Capital Advisors Ltd., Artisan Acquisition Corp., backed by New World Development Co.’s Adrian Cheng and Hony Capital Acquisition Corp. are some of the Asian SPACs that are waiting in the wings to list in the U.S.They all filed over two weeks ago, meaning they can launch the initial public offering, but have yet to do so. But they are now waiting until market sentiment improves, according to

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