Eli Feldman

2015. Is this the year of the restaurant? Not in terms ‘cool new openings’ but in recognizing and achieving potential impact on the country as a whole.

Restaurants have always played an essential role in the business, social, intellectual and artistic life of a thriving society. Think of the cafes of Paris in the 20’s; the three martini lunches of the 50’s and 60’s; we’ve sketched world changing ideas and planned revolutions in restaurants. Elvis’ first Las Vegas contract was written on a restaurant tablecloth.

The major events of life, personal and professional, are celebrated in restaurants. Acquaintances become friends around a table in the safe and controlled environment of a restaurant. Individuals become lovers across a restaurant table, sometimes.

Restaurants are more important than ever. At the tail end of 2014 the influential restaurant blog, Eater, published a round-up of the 60+ restaurants that opened in Boston just

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