FILE PHOTO: Crude oil storage tanks are seen in an aerial photograph at the Cushing oil hub in Cushing, Oklahoma, U.S. April 21, 2020. REUTERS/Drone Base

LONDON (Reuters) – Commodities-related revenue at the world’s 12 biggest investment banks surged by 85% last year compared to 2019 as oil and metals trading made further strong gains, consultancy Coalition said on Friday.

Commodities revenue at the 12 banks climbed for a third successive year after several years of declines, hitting its lowest for more than a decade in 2017.

During 2020, revenue from commodity trading, selling derivatives to investors and other activities in the sector rose to $7.5 billion, the financial industry analytics firm said.

“In metals, revenues from precious metals multiplied as investors sought safe havens from the volatile markets and uncertainty caused by the pandemic,” Coalition said in a statement.

“In energy, oil was the key performer with continued growth

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The SABC building in Auckland Park in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • The SABC has asked for its submission on TV licences and advertising revenue – which it was expected to make at a hearing held by Icasa on Wednesday – to be deferred. 
  • However, it does want an inquiry into the matter. 
  • The public broadcaster brought forward a list of other submissions intended to make it more sustainable. 

The South African Broadcasting Corporation will defer its submission on advertising revenue and TV licence collection, which it was expected to make at a hearing held by the Independent Communications Authority of SA, it said on Wednesday. 

Icasa is holding public hearings (12 – 15 January 2021) regarding the draft findings document on the Inquiry into Subscription Television Broadcasting Services. This is part of its investigation into competition in the pay-TV sector. 

On Wednesday, the national broadcaster appeared at the hearing

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